Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Peep Smores!

You may remember, that Eric and I have made Christmas Peep Smores a couple years ago over our gas stove. Well, this year we made Halloween Peep Smores over a campfire on our honeymoon. Peeps make fabulous, festive smores. Now, I'm normally one to thrust my marshmallow into the flames, set it on fire, and char the outside. That's how I like my marshmallows. However, with the peeps, you want to take your time and caramelize the sugar coating, not burn it (learned my lesson on that making Christmas Peep smores). This tries my patience, but it's so worth it.

Pumpkin or ghost Peeps
Chocolate Bars
Graham Crackers

Roast your peep, caramelizing the sugar coating the marshmallow. Layer graham cracker, chocolate, Peep, graham cracker.

Alternative to a smore: Put your roasted peep or marshmallow into a cup of hot chocolate . . . so good!


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