Friday, July 3, 2015

13 Chip Recipes

For whatever reason, I love making chips. Most of these recipes are healthy (veggies and fruit), a few of them no so much (hello, pepperoni chips), but all of them are delicious!

1. Zucchini Chips
Ever since I discovered zucchini chips (and it's been a couple of years), I eat them almost every day. That's how much I love them.

2. Yellow Squash Chips
These taste exactly like zucchini chips, so if they grocery store is out of zucchini, just pick up a couple of yellow squash.

3. Cucumber Chips
I don't like cucumbers, but I do like cucumber chips.

4. Kale Chips
I've recently rediscovered the kale chips. They remind me a lot of potato chips, just healthier.

5. Potato Chips
These are a thousand times better than greasy store-bought chips.

6. Carrot Chips
Sweet and healthy don't usually go together, but they are a match made in heaven with these carrot chips.

7. Parsnip Chips
These are kind of like a nutty potato chips.

8. Apple Chips
I made these every autumn. Eric just loves them.

9. Banana Chips
Another one of Eric's favorites.

10. Pepperoni Chips
On to the not so healthy chips. I'm going to be honest, these things are way too salty for my taste buds. However, my husbands can't stop eating them. You can also substitute salami for the pepperoni. if you so desire.

11. Pita Chips
I have gotten so many people hooked on these through the years. They are perfect with hummus.

12. Tortilla Chips
I think the thing I like most about these tortilla chips is that I can control the salt on them. Whenever we buy tortilla chips, they are always too salty for me.

Also check out: Snowflake Tortilla Chips

13. Cinnamon-Sugar Chips
Oh my god, these things are addicting! I'm not allowed to making them too often because they are so good that I can devour them in one sitting.



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Smores Galore!

Made over a campfire, a stove flame, or transformed into another type of dessert, Smores are one of the best treats out there. I know they are one of my all time favorites. So here is a complication of Smores recipes for all you other Smores lovers!

This is my favorite Smores recipe, hands down. My husband originally made it for my birthday a couple of years ago. He made it again earlier this year for his mom's birthday. It was even better than anyone of us remembered. Made with a pre-made graham cracker pie crust and marshmallow fluff, it's also extremely easy to make!

These little cookies are freakin' addicting. Sugar cookie, chocolate spread, and marshmallow fluff, how could you go wrong?

These cookies are made with all the same ingredients as the Smores Cups; they're just assembled differently. 

These are fun little desserts or appetizers. I bake mine, but you can also fry them.

Yes, another Smores cookie recipe. What can I say? I love cookies more than any other baked good.

Eric and I love making Peep Smores. Every year we do it with Christmas Peeps over a gas stove or in the fireplace and we do it with Halloween Peeps over a bonfire. The ironic thing is, either of us are huge Peep fans. But man, do we love them in Smores!